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Florence Lodge No. 2212 was founded on August 8, 1881 and was reactivated on November 26, 2015.

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We believe in offering a helping hand to all those in need.  Our programs are for the entire community.

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The Grand United Order of Odd Fellows in America

The Grand United Order of Odd Fellows in America, under the jurisdiction of the Committee of Management, England, organized and created for the purpose of aiding and assisting each other, when but for the helping hand of a brother and friend sorrow and misery might sojourn and remain for a long period in our midst; for this as well as our great brotherly love and charity to all mankind, we have banded ourselves together by solemn ties, promising to act at any and all times, and to each other as brethren, extending the helping hand to all in the time of need, in the hour of sickness, sorrow, or suffering, and thus, having by our mystic tie the power of knowing and discerning the pangs of poverty and how to relieve them; the despondency of sickness and how to alleviate the same and in the hour of mortal dissolution render less terrible and sorrowful the surroundings by the friendly and brotherly aid of the members of our mystic circle, who, uniting together for the common good of all, enable ourselves to guard against the unforeseen casualties which all are liable to encounter in this life; and having taken upon ourselves the mission of uniting and consolidating in one grand harmonious combination our entire Order in the sacred work of promoting the highest interest of humanity, as well as develop and elevate the mental and moral character of our brotherhood, by a liberal support of science and art, the inculcation Of the loftiest and most pure principles of philanthropy, honor, patriotism, and justice  and, above all, to promulgate and disseminate the true principles of friendship, love, and truth; preserve and diffuse the faith of the founders of the Grand United Order of Odd Fellows, and of society at large. as the embodiment of all the dictates of the human heart, as well as to place our Order, from the lowest to the most exalted branch, in one comprehensive working system.

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Two Titans of Afro America History Letters

  Two Titans of Afro America History Letters Edward H. Morris (born: 1858 - died: 1943) Born in Flemingsburg, KY, Edward H. Morris was the fifth African American lawyer admitted to the Illinois Bar. He was an attorney in charge of…

History of Sister Pollie Thomas of, Rose of Sharon Household of Ruth No. 79

History of Sister Pollie Thomas of, Rose of Sharon Household of Ruth  No. 79 Sister Pollie Thomas (1888-1976) Dated between 1904 and 1918, this photo depicts Pollie Thomas of Staunton, Virginia. A copy of the "By-laws and Rules…

Area II via ZOOM for April 2020 Session

Hello Brothers and Sisters of Area II: The pandemic continues to change everything that we thought of as normal back in February 2020.  We had to cancel our April 2020 session.  We held the October session via ZOOM.  And now, in February…

Suspension Letter by Florence Lodge No. 2212

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Suspension Letter by Florence Lodge No. 2212                                                                                                                       …

District 13 Lodge building remodeling in Hartsville, SC

The Lodge building remodeling has been an arduous task and a costly endeavor but it is coming along greatly! Special thanks to DGM @mr_orlandohines for his diligence in seeing this project through Also Bro EmanuelPage Sr and Bro. Charles Brown....Hail…

Grand United Order of Odd Fellows of Virginia DGL No.15 and DGH No.11.

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Rev. Bobby L. Stone, President of Sub-District No. IV, deliver PPEs to Holly Haven No.7 Assisted Living Home on behalf of Virginia DGL No. 15 and DGH No. 11. The joint State initiative to donate PPE to nursing homes was completed last month.…

Grand United of Odd Fellows and Household of Ruth of Maryland Gift to the Community

  Sandy Spring Lodge#6430 Noble Grand Bro. Lamont Spates, along with Monitor Household of Ruth #4550, Most Noble Governor, Sister Brenda Dutton-Harding, Grand United Order of Odd Fellows in America Jurisdiction presenting a…

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