Bro Cain was a leading physician of #RomeGa but is a native of #OrangeburgSC !! Born Nov 1861. His parents were both slaves. His father was taught to read and write by his young master and after the war became a teacher much to the chagrin of their neighbors.

After the war, when he came of school age, he attended the public schools of #SouthCarolina, and later entered #ClaflinUniversity. He had a goal to continue educating his people thus he prepared himself for the work of a teacher. It was by those means he earned money to continue his education and to take the medical course at Meharry College. He completed his education with the degree of M. D. in 1891. Not content with taking the first school offered, he sought the best schools and those that paid remunerative salaries.

As a result his teaching was scattered over several states, including #NorthCarolina, #SouthCarolina, #Mississippi, #Florida, and #Arkansas. Apart from the money which this enabled him to earn, it gave him much practical experience which had been of value to him in latter years. In politics he was a #Republican and had been prominent locally in the counsels of his party. He became chairman of the County Executive Committee, and occasionally represented the county at the State Convention. He was a member of the #AMEChurch, and is identified with the #GrandUnitedOrderofOddFellows, #Masons and #KnightsofPythias. For six years he was #GrandMedicalExaminer of the state for Georgia’s #OddFellows, and held various official positions in the other #secretorders. He maintained a general practice in medicine and even had a medical theater for minor operations. His business grew steadily with the years and with the increasing appreciation of his skill on the part of his home people. In another respect he had set his people a worthy example, in that not only did he own a large comfortable home, in addition to that he had a considerable renting property in his locale. He maintained a modern medical office on Broad street. One of the top of his field in North Georgia! #District18 would you please stand up !