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Florida GUOOFs first Grand Medical Director

  🔗Brother Reden Reche Williams, M.D.🔗   He was born on a farm near Williston, Marion County, Florida on February 25, 1881. His father, John E. Williams, and mother, Mary E. Williams, were slaves, but his father received a meager education after his emancipation, and served as a member of the County School Board and […]

Oklahoma standing tall

  A Civil Rights leader, Bro. Isaac W. Young was born January 2, 1874, in Glencoe, #Louisiana, to John and Elizabeth Young. He attended the Methodist schools Baldwin Academy and Gilbert Industrial School and acquired his medical degree at #NewOrleansUniversity’s Flint Medical School. He also acquired a doctor of letters degree from #WileyCollege in #Texas. […]


Patrick Reason pt. 2 The Masonic Connection

From https://oxfordindex.oup.com/view/10.1093/aasc/9780195170559.e.3296 PGM Patrick Reason’s treatment of groups is seen in his copperplate engraving of a certificate of membership in the Masonic order; an original conception of the Faith, Hope, and Charity composition showing Charity surrounded by her children; and a certificate of membership in the Grand United Order of Odd Fellows. The New York […]


Reporting live from the front lines Bro. Thomas Morris Chester

Excerpts from History.net   Our brotherly lineage is full of reasons why every member of today’s #GrandUnitedOrderofOddFellows should smile ear to ear!!! South Carolina District 13 DGM Shawn O. Cannon gave me the name and now I present to you… Past Grand Director of America and Jurisdiction…. Bro. Thomas Morris Chester. He’s a Harrisburg,Pa native… […]

Congratulations are in Order

Congratulations are in order to brothers: Von Farquharson, Joseph Whyms, and Keith Cleare on attaining the esteemed honors of becoming Most Venerable Patriarchs in the #Bahamas!!! Aurora lodge #810 stand up and cheer! Hail Hail thrice Hail!

The Order only Grows through Membership!

The Grand United Order of OddFellows have grown just a bit in the last few days ! Congratulations to Bro. Charles Brown! Congratulations to my boy all the way from the sunshine state Latroy Ervin on joining florence lodge #2212 and becoming a member of the elite Double odds Squad !!! Thats #GUOOF and #IOOF […]


Brother Henry C.C. Astwood: founder of the Grand United Order of Oddfellows in the Dominican Republic

Astwood was thirty years old when he migrated to #NewOrleans in 1874. According to the Christian Recorder, his life up to that moment had been marked by both privilege and tragedy….. Born in #SaltCayIsland in 1844, Astwood lived in the #BritishWestIndies #TurksandCaicos Islands during his childhood. The Astwoods were counted among the more privileged class […]