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🔗DR. COMMODORE IRVING CAIN🔗 Bro Cain was a leading physician of #RomeGa but is a native of #OrangeburgSC !! Born Nov 1861. His parents were both slaves. His father was taught to read and write by his young master and after the war became a teacher much to the chagrin of their neighbors. After the […]

Jersey Oddfellowship

James W. Wynder, one of the oldest and respected citizens of Bridgeton, after an illness of nine weeks died at his home on the Bowentown road on Wednesday night, Oct. 11. The funeral service was held at Mt. Zion A. M. E. Church at 2:30 o’clock last Saturday afternoon and was attended by a large […]

Brother A.C. Jackson and the Tulsa Massacre

    Since the Centennial recognition of the horrors suffered at #greenwood, in #tulsaoklahoma are coming up I did some research and found a sombering tale of one of our brethren. His name was Dr. Andrew C. Jackson, and he lost his life while assisting his people to safety during the #tulsamassacre in 1921. He […]

One of North Carolina’s DGMs

Bro. Samuel H. Vick One of the men of mark in North Carolina who has succeeded in more than one field of endeavor is Prof. Samuel Hynes Vick of the thriving little city of Wilson. He was a native of #NashCo having been born at Castalia during the #CivilWar, April 1, 1863. Just about the […]


We are Growing in Virginia

Congratulations to bro David and the newest additions to Henrico Lodge #1994 out of Richmond, VA !! With individuals showing more interest in our shared pasts, I am totally convinced that we are once again illuminating the path towards this thing of ours rebuilding! It won’t be long before lodges and households begin to spring […]

Tuscaloosa Hero

Source: Zadie Jones, “Barnes Story, Continued From Last Week,” Alabama Citizen, March 6, 1954 Self-Taught Rebel and Educational Pioneer Our worthy #GUOOF brother PDGM Jeremiah Barnes: Bro. Barnes was born not “before the stars fell” as our forefathers computed time; but, eleven years after, February 28, 1844. His mother was a slave on a plantation along […]

Alabama’s Native Son

Excerpts from Lisa Mercier, University of Alabama at Huntsville Our Brother George Williamson Crawford, was a native of #Tuscaloosa #Alabama. Born in 1877 to William and Charlotte Oliver Crawford. At the age of nine, his family moved to #Birmingham. He attended the #TuskegeeInstitute and graduated in 1896, he then attended #TalladegaCollege, earning a degree there in 1900. He […]