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Congratulations are in Order

Congratulations are in order to brothers: Von Farquharson, Joseph Whyms, and Keith Cleare on attaining the esteemed honors of becoming Most Venerable Patriarchs in the #Bahamas!!! Aurora lodge #810 stand up and cheer! Hail Hail thrice Hail!

The Order only Grows through Membership!

The Grand United Order of OddFellows have grown just a bit in the last few days ! Congratulations to Bro. Charles Brown! Congratulations to my boy all the way from the sunshine state Latroy Ervin on joining florence lodge #2212 and becoming a member of the elite Double odds Squad !!! Thats #GUOOF and #IOOF […]

Chi Town Stand up!

Hail Hail thrice Hail for our  brother from the #WindyCity !!!! Bro. Midian Othello Bousfield,MD Bousfield was born Aug 22, 1885 in Tipton, Missouri to Willard Bousfield, a barber and businessman, and Cornelia Bousfield. The family moved to Kansas City, and after high school Bro. Bousfield graduated from the #UniversityofKansas in 1907 with a Bachelor’s  […]