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Spartanburg’s Finest

This is Brother John Woodward #GUOOF… From his accolades you wouldn’t have thought for a minute that this man had never in his life had a day of formal education. If you know anything about Spartanburg,SC history…..you’ll surely recognize his name as one of the wealthiest and most prominent African American businessmen in all of […]

Odd Ambitions

The Odd Fellow City: The Promise of a Leading Black Town   It was billed as the greatest agricultural endeavor by African Americans since Mound Bayou, Mississippi, nearly 400 acres of prime land to be owned and operated by Negroes. The year was 1913; the place, Twiggs County, Georgia; the backers, the Atlanta-based Georgia District […]

South Carolina’s Bermuda Connection

Brother Joseph H. Rainey was born on June 21, 1832 in Georgetown, South Carolina, a seaside town consisting mainly of rice plantations. His mother  Grace Rainey was of French descent. His father,Edward Rainey was a barber, and his master permitted him to work independently if he shared some of his profits, as required by law. […]

We have merchandise!

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Today’s OddFellow: An Introduction….

I can remember an Undergrad Psychology professor once told my wife “to study art is to study history! “. Makes sense that some of the most precious gems of American History are pieces of artwork. Signs and symbols tell a story when words cease to convey the message. Looking back at old degree charts of […]