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“Mother Household of Ruth” Catherine M. Robinson

“Mother Ruth” Catherine M. Robinson Copyright © 2022  Friends of Lebanon Cemetery.  All Rights Reserved. https://friendsoflebanoncemetery.com/blog/f/mother-ruth-catherine-m-robinson Story by:  Tina Charles Submitted by Samantha Dorm March 1, 2022 Mrs. Catherine M. (Johnson) Robinson-Manley (1849-1920) was a courageous and bold woman who dared to transcend preconceived expectations and prove she was capable of doing all that a […]

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Ask the Pastor

Ask the Pastor  Ask the Pastor is a group of individuals who’s goal is to uplift individuals while discussing real topics and issues. The  Ask the Pastor show was formed to field questions from everyday people who would like answers from Pastors and others who have no objectives but, to give back to others who […]

Patrick Reason H. H. R.

Bro. Patrick Reason, served as Grand Master of the First Sub Committee of Management of the G. U. O. O. F.  He was also a member of the Committee that recommended the formation of the “Household of Ruth”, the female auxili ary of the G. U. O. O. F. he is also acknowledged to have […]


January Full Board Session Health Guidelines

Guidelines imposed by the Doubletree for our January Full Board Session.   These rules will be strictly enforced: As of January 3rd, all guest attending your banquet will be required to show their vaccination card  or a negative COVID-19 test within 24 hours of entry into an banquet (not an at home test).  This will […]