Bro. L. Amasa Knox and the founding of the #nationalbarassociation
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Born just shy of 4 years past the end of the Civil War 1869 in Poplar Mount, Virginia.  His father Africanus Knox boasted of coming from pure African patrilineage and was a blacksmith by trade.  He taught young knox everything about his craft in a formal apprenticeship.

Although accomplished in trade,  L. Amasa sought a different pathway and in his spare time he read and studied everything he could get his hands on.  Seeking a higher education, he entered #VirginiaState College in Petersburg in 1889. After 5 years he graduated. He was far from done learning though, so he matriculated to #HowardUniversity in 1895 . It was noted he also taught for a year. He got his bachelor’s law degree in 1897.  He wanted to continue his education but between his political connections and colleagues back in Virginia he was convinced he had a shot at running for public office. Although he secured the nomination the game was already fixed…locally he wouldn’t win but in Kansas the black vote was a statewide phenomenon more so than locally. He went back to Howard and received his JD.

He moved to St. Louis for a time and became a staple in the affairs of the African American populace

before moving back home. He supported the first Urban League as well as the NAACP, UNIA and finally edged a win to become the first black member of the #HouseofRepresentatives  Jackson County.

He put in place laws to protect black schools in the state requiring their support. He wrote a bill for the formation of the Jackson County home for Negro Boys as well.  His lasting legacy is the formation of the National Bar Association and it’s Judicial Council….

Another Gem within our rank and file whose eyes gaze down upon us as we look towards the sky ! Ever watchful of our daily toil and hopefully smiling at our successes……

Bro. Knox served his purpose for African-Americans and the Order in every way he could….

He was the District Grand Attorney for the state of Kansas for the Grand United Order of Oddfellows as well as the #Masons

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Submitted by Bro. Supreme Page Jr. National Historian