Her place among the stars…..Rosa Lula Barnes

Sister Rosa Lula Barnes is by no means your average socialite…… Sis Barnes is remembered as a leading businesswoman and societal engineer from #Savannah, #Georgia ! Barnes was born on August 22, 1868, in #Huntsville, Alabama. She struggled to get a good education but was able to enter #HuntsvilleNormal and #IndustrialInstitute where she received her […]

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Emancipation on Turks and Caicos

        Supposed disturbances from the newly freed people on Grand Turk had lead to troops being sent, the day of #Emancipation, 1st August 1834, went off without a hitch….. From commonly held folklore it is believed that the #EmancipationAct was announced from the balcony of the #OddfellowsLodge at the junction of Market […]

Adventures in Research for District 13s forgotten brethren and sisters

    A little light research today and a hop skip and jump from my house ! Chronicling the Order has been a a bit tedious and definitely full of ups and downs yall. Hats off to the real historians who do this for a living! There’s always a sense of anxiousness and stress because […]

Taking care: Hon.John C. Dancy

    John Dancy, prominent leader in the American Methodist Episcopal Zion Church and the Republican Party, was born in Tarboro in 1857 as the son of a freedman whose parents had been manumitted. Dancy’s father was a builder and contractor who also served as a county commissioner after the war. Dancy was educated first […]

District Nine: Chicago’s Defender of the Truth

Brother George T. Kersey, whom today we are honoring with this post, served District Nine, with honor and distinction as it’s #DistrictGrandMaster…. Although Born in North Carolina his family uprooted from the toils of the Southern Culture and moved to Chicago. He married Emma King in 1895. He graduated from the International College of Chicago […]


View this post on Instagram It pains me to search far and wide matching names to records of our members only to find that they have already transcended this world…….What I wouldn't give to sit down and have a conversation about the Order! I introduce to you our brother Jonas Thomas Kennedy…. This fine fellow […]


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Northern Star Lodge No. 715 Fixing Our Roof & Lodge

Fundraiser to help Northern Star Lodge No. 715 Fixing The Roof & Lodge Northern Star Lodge No. 715 of Grand United Order of Odd Fellows in America and Jurisdiction has acquired a location for their lodge in February of 2019.  The Brothers have been slowly repairing it with the help of our friends, family, and the […]

Grand United Order Of Oddfellows in our name…

May  26, 2019 ODD FELLOWSHIP The Grand United Order of Odd Fellows is a unique fraternal organization that is based on principles that were established so long ago, that its origins continue to remain elusive.  One of the main elements of odd fellowship is that its organizational structure Is that it is based on the […]