We are so proud that we will be able to use and adapt the books for the use new The Improved Order of Patriotic Odd Fellows (I.O. of P.O.F.). We are also to keep our rich heritage with Grand United Order of Odd Fellows in America and Jurisdiction. We also like to thank monthly board for allowing it to go though as they was notified prior to Shawn Cannon sending the book up for copyright and the Grand Master signing the Master copy and taken the photo with it (which can be seen on our website here).

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Certificate of Registration

Registration Number: TXu 2-298-550

Effective Date of Registration: January 10, 2022

Registration Decision Date: United States Register of Copyrights and Director February 03, 2022


Title of Work:       A Compilation of books of the Grand United Order of Odd Fellows


Year of Completion: 2022


Author: Shawn O. Cannon
Author Created: text
Citizen of: United States
Domiciled in: United States
Year Born: 1972

Copyright Claimant

Copyright Claimant: Shawn O. Cannon

Limitation of copyright claim

Material excluded from this claim: text

New material included in claim: text

Books Cover under this and more adapted versions copyrighted  though the Library of Congress. These books are the following:

  • General Laws, Rules, and Regulations of The Grand United Order of Odd Fellows in America and Jurisdiction
  • Instructional Manual for Set-Up of District Grand Lodge
  • Ritual Book One
  • Ritual Book Two
  • Ritual Book Three
  • Funeral Ceremony for the Lodge
  • Lectures of the Three Degrees
  • Past Grand Masters Council Ritual
  • Past Grand Masters Council Installation Ceremony of the Patriarchal Order
  • Past Grand Masters Council Funeral Ceremony
  • Patriarchal Order General Laws, Rules, and Regulations
  • Ritual of Patriarchal Order
  • General Laws, Rules, and Regulations of The Household of Ruth
  • Ritual The Household of Ruth
  • Ritual The Household of Ruth Instructions in The Three Degrees and Lectures
  • Funeral Ceremony for The Household of Ruth
  • Past Most Noble Governors Chamber General Laws, Rules, and Regulations of The Household of Ruth                                                Rules, and Regulations Governing the Woman’s Patriarchy Auxiliaries
  • Juvenile Book