Creation of The Improve Order of Patriotic Odd Fellows

The District Grand Lodge No. 13 of South Carolina Grand United Order of Odd Fellows in America in April of 2022 broke away from the Grand United Order of Odd Fellows in America and Jurisdiction. The District Grand Lodge No. 13 of South Carolina Grand United Order of Odd Fellows in America founded a new national Improve Order of Patriotic Odd Fellows under its incorporation and its 501 C3 with TEN Regions throughout United States we will be having new Regional Directors, District Grand Masters, Noble Grands, Co- Regional Directors, District Most Noble Governor, and Most Noble Governor. These TEN Regions are as followed:

Region No. 1                          Region No. 2              Region No. 3              Region No. 4 

District of Columbia          Delaware                    Indiana                       Florida

Maryland                                Pennsylvania            Illinois                         Louisiana

Virginia                                   New York                    Michigan                      Georgia

North Carolina                    Massachusetts           Ohio                            Alabama

South Carolina                   New Jersey                 Wisconsin                   Bahamas

West Virginia                      Connecticut

                                                  Rhode Island 


                                                 New Hampshire



Region No. 5                          Region No. 6              Region No. 7 – Texas

Tennessee                               Montana                     Austin                        

Mississippi                              Wyoming                    Dallas

Arkansas                                 Oklahoma                   Houston

Kentucky                                 Oregon                          Lubbock

Missouri                                  Washington                San Antonio   


Region No. 8                          Region No. 9              Region No. 10           

Jefferson (California)               Arizona                       Kansas                                   

North California                         Utah                              Iowa                           

Silicon Valley  (California)    Colorado                   Wisconsin                  

Central California                     Nevada                      Nebraska                   

West California                          New Mexico            South Dakota                         

South California                                                              North Dakota




Sec. 2, At each annual meeting there may be elected by the District Grand Lodge and Sub-District Grand Lodge Session delegate(s) from the Improve Order of Patriotic Odd Fellows  to attend the District Grand Lodge and Sub-District Grand Lodge Session and there to take part in the making of the laws of the Order.

Sec. 3. Said delegates so elected shall attend the District Grand Lodge and Sub-District Grand Lodge Session in June the expenses for which shall be paid from the general funds of the Order and the District or Sub-District shall have the authority to determine how much shall be spent for this purpose. The delegate(s) shall report to the District Grand Lodge or Sub-District Grand Lodge  each Session and to the following the District Grand Lodge and Sub-District Grand Lodge Session.

Sec. 4. The District Grand Lodge and Sub-District Grand Lodge Session shall furnish said delegate(s) with proper credentials signed by the District Grand Master or Sub-District Grand Master, and District Grand Secretary or Sub-District Grand Secretary, with the seal of the District Grand Lodge or Sub-District Grand Lodge thereon, authorizing the delegate(s) to represent the Improve Order of Patriotic Odd Fellows. Said delegate(s) so elected are hereby authorized, empowered, and direct to cast a vote for financial lodge within the jurisdiction of the District Grand Lodge or Sub-District Grand Lodge.


Sec. 5. The District Grand Lodge or Sub-District Grand Lodge  is hereby authorized, empowered, and directed too appropriate from the funds of the Order an enough to defray the expenses of said delegate.


Sec. 6. Each Lodge gets two said delegate votes, and that person must have all their seven degrees (Past Noble Father degree). They may also transfer their votes to any individual within their state if the lodge votes to pass to another.


Sec. 7. Member may also vote at a District or Sub-District Session if they have the Past District Grand Master’s degree or Grey Degree you can receive at a  District Session with current fee and application being submitted. Individual must also be currently finical with their state, lodge, and Past District Grand Master’s Council.




For efficient administration in providing Lodges and Households with maximum benefits, opportunities and services offered by the Improve Order of Patriotic Odd Fellows in its program to encourage effective Communication and Leadership, Districts composed of Lodges/Households are established by the Board of Directors and United Committee of Management.


As Administrative Units established by the United Committee of Management, Districts aid, counsel, and training for Officers and Members of each Lodge/Household to help each obtain and maintain a high standard of excellence in programing and operation.


Each District must maintain an efficient, diligent, well-informed Administrative Organization with a high standard of excellence in its operation and in contact with Regional Director and United Committee of Management always.


Note –This Manuel is a guide for District Administration and Educational, and Community

Programing. A knowledge of the policies, procedures, and services of the organization will

assist District Officers to give and receive the benefits to be experienced from them

participation as Executives and Leaders of them District.




The District Grand Lodge having three or more subordinate Lodges made of its own accord and shall be in .………….. City, ..…………….. State.


A convention shall be held in ..……………..City, ..…………….. State in said State……………. (State name) may agree upon by most of the Lodges in said proposed district to have convention to be composed of delegates not exceeding three from any one Lodge, who may be selected from the Most Venerable Patriarchs. Past Grand Masters and Past Noble Fathers. They shall meet at the time and place agreed upon and organize said District Grand Lodge according to this constitution, but no member thereof shall be below the rank of Past Noble Father.


The convention shall be called to order in due form by the senior delegate in rank of the senior Lodge present and shall proceed to and elect a temporary Chairman and Secretary. A committee of three on credentials shall next be appointed by the Chairman, who shall examine and pass upon all credentials and report their action to the convention; and when the report is adopted and thereafter admitted, they shall proceed to the organization of Grand Lodge by nominating and electing the following officers, to wit:


District Grand Master                                                      District Deputy Grand Master.

District Deputy Sub-District Grand Masters              District Grand Secretary.

District Grand Treasurer.                                                District Attorney

District Grand Director                                                    District Grand Auditors

District Grand Household of Ruth Director               District Grand Past Grand Masters Council

District Grand Historian                                                District Chaplain

Patriarchy Director                                                         District Pyramid Director

District Legislations of State of the Order                 District Education Director

District Public Relations Director                              District Hospitality Director

District Historian Director                                          District Senior Citizens Director

District Social Services Director                                District Youth Director

District Membership Director


Note – Each of the six Sub-Districts Grand Lodge shall send representatives from their Sub-Districts Grand Lodge to work with their District Grand Lodge Officer.