It goes without saying that the brethren of Wayman Lodge 1339, (who work together) have built up a strong kinship through their creativity and common interests.   The Diamond Cut Tattoo Company has hit their 5th year milestone in business !!!! In that time these talented brothers have managed not only to touch the tattoo community through their art, but also those in need of a heart-in-hand….

The shop is located at 4451 Devine street in the heart of the Midlands, a stones throw away from five points, downtown.

While the shop itself seems like it has always been there, getting through the strenuous regulations of South Carolina’s Department of Health and Environmental Control was no easy task!


Brother Page and his wife Queen Page worked tirelessly through the gauntlet, facing sleepless nights and countless hours of research, paperwork, and outright discrimination to see this through.   From meticulous and tedious searches for a location, to actually having to take SCDHEC on in court for wanton negligence in their due process of what is right.  It took 14 months before approval was finally given.

Brother Page and Brother Jarrett Jenkins, who currently serve as Noble Grand and Vice Grand of Wayman lodge 1339, joined the Order in Feburary 2017. What began as a curiosity became a legacy as the brethren took their membership a step further. This came by way of initiating Bro. Page’s father Emanuel Page  Sr. as well as Bro Jimmy Humphrey.   The lodge came to be by introducing Oddfellowship to brothers Andre and Andrew Williams who also tattoo at DCTC.   They were once co-workers and are now and forever family. Congratulations are in order as their unique approach to the tattoo industry and the Grand United Order of Oddfellows has brought new life to all who bear witness….

On behalf of Wayman lodge 1339 and the Diamond Cut Tattoo Family I would like to thank my wife Queen,  without your help and support this would not be possible! My family for support through the hard times.  Brother Jarrett Jenkins, as well as the the brethren new and old for sticking by us.   This is only the beginning so stay tuned as we continue to grow in size and influence, sticking to the bond of friendship love and truth!