Newly appointed District 13 Grand Director of Security , Emanuel Page Sr.

Greetings in the bond of Friendship Love and Truth!  I am honored to be able to write this piece in particular as great things are happening in District No. 13 ! I would like to introduce you to Bro. Emanuel Page Sr. of Wayman lodge 1339. Bro. Page has been appointed to the District Gr. Lodge, as Grand Director of Security.  A DC native, Bro. Page has also served in the U.S. Military as well as the D.C. Metro Police Department.   Now retired from the Post Office, Bro. Page has dedicated his life to the principles of Friendship Love and Truth. He brings to the table his skill set as a private investigator of which he was for 20+yrs.   With those skills Our District will continue to produce only those of the highest caliber into Our Mysterious Three !  Congrats are in order !!!


I leave as I came in the bond of Friendship Love and Truth  !

Bro. Supreme Emanuel Page jr

NG, Wayman lodge 1339, Dist 13 Gr. Historian and National Gr. Historian for America and Jurisdiction

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