1. This past weekend  the District Grand Master  along with brethren from the various lodges attended the 100th anniversary of  Butler High School.  The school itself was named after the legendary Hannibal Butler who operated the first school for black children called the Hartsville Negro Graded School.  The building  was turned into a campus and currently houses the local boys and girls club. The Butler Heritage Foundation invited us to come out and reintroduce ourselves to the city.


We had a nice display in a place of prominence inside of the Hartsville Museum, and many of the  attendees were shocked at just how much of Butler’s History we were blessed to still possess. After all, the Oddfellows were a big part of his life and along with our records for the State we also have everything from his office.  His office was inside of a building we are working on fixing up currently on S. Sixth St.

The venue was well attended and hopefully next year’s celebration will see us at our fullest potential with active participation from our entire membership! A big part of our goal to breathe new life into the lungs of this grand kinship is shining some light on the communities in which we live! As individuals we’re all doing our part, but think about what can be accomplished through the concerted efforts of SC’s  Odd Collective ! Time to dust off the cobwebs and get it crackin !

It is due time we truly transition from “secret society” to a broad spectrum collective of brothers and sisters dedicated to the principles of our Order.  There is much to be done and so much more to come ! Let’s emerge from the shadows and take Progressive steps towards rebuilding the Grand United Order of Oddfellows here in South Carolina!

Special thanks to DGM Cannon and all of the Brothers who traveled and attended the event and hopefully next year we will be there in full splendor, displaying the bond of friendship love and truth!