With the pandemic literally decimating life as we once knew it, I must say how fortunate we are to have innovators ! Through the internet and zoom we have made a way to stay abreast of what’s going on with the brethren and sisters from all over.  Although we’re not in the clear yet, we have taken advantage of the small windows of safety to successfully indoctrinate new members into our lodges and Households and that is truly a blessing!


District 13 was still able to have their session and it was successfully executed.  We were able to bestow our mysterious three on six brothers in the past few weeks as well.  We were endowed with the  presence of new  Brothers Keylon Singleton, Darrion Breland, and Nick Frank.


Wayman Lodge 1339 had a meeting as well and were able to bring into their fold three more brethren! I  introduce to you Brothers Gerren Evans, Kenny Belton and Russell Brigman! This is a testament to the fortitude of the Order as we fight to bring the light of Oddfellowship to the world…..

Hopefully we aren’t going backwards into the darkness of solitude amid rising cases of coronavirus, but if we do,  Oddfellowship will still stand tall and rise through adversities!!!

We’re determined to succeed with Fraternal Love! I leave as I came in the bond of friendship love and truth…..