Brother George T. Kersey, whom today we are honoring with this post, served District Nine, with honor and distinction as it’s #DistrictGrandMaster….
Although Born in North Carolina his family uprooted from the toils of the Southern Culture and moved to Chicago. He married Emma King in 1895. He graduated from the International College of Chicago in 1911 and then embarked on a career as a mortician, serving as President of Kersey, McGowan & Morsell Memorial Chapel, which he co-founded in 1919. In 1922, Kersey was elected to the Illinois State Legislature, representing the #3rd District. His major contribution was that he introduced legislation that provided for a committee to investigate the racist Chicago police department for virtually targeting vast numbers of African American voters in the city.

After being defeated by William King in 1924, Kersey was reelected in 1926. He served until 1931. He continued his career as an undertaker while serving as a director of the #DouglassNationalBank. Not for nothing but we’re talking about the first black-owned, nationally-chartered, bank in the United States !!!

PDGM Kersey was also a proud member of the #Masons, the #Elks and the #KnightsofPythias…..