As we grow as GUOOF members , we must remember the reasons we are searching for our history is a lack of communication between the Seniors and new members. Our senior member are responsible for education the new members on the rules, history, and all things required to enrich us so that we become as they are, well educated in our past. Finding ways to gain this information from our senior members, sometimes puts us at odds with them. But as a Senior they should be proud to pass on their knowledge because we are their future, as they were when they came to the understanding which lead them to become members. Every member of our order is a history lesson in work because as we travel as Guoof members we shine light on people we come across and we are remembered by our deeds. We are a family and each member with members above and below them in status are beckons of light to each other, because we will not harm one another but only educate and help as a Family does. Our founding Father did his job to bring light to the Order. When things did not go as planned in the beginning, he continued to move forward and do a remarkable job to start and maintain the ideals of our Order as we know it today. When speaking with our Senior advise them that you are not being disrespectful to them, but only trying to make them proud to see that after they have moved on the lessons they taught us are working. History is being made everyday by our Brothers and Sisters. Holding true to our Order and reaching one and teaching one is the key. When you look at the words Friendship, Love and Truth, they are not just words but words that a Family will live and die by. As a member who wants the security of our Order to be secure, I only express my views and hope all who read these words understand that we continue to exist because we live by our creed. I leave you as I came in Friendship, Love and Truth


Bro. Emanuel Page Sr.

Wayman lodge #1339

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