🔗Brother Reden Reche Williams, M.D.🔗


He was born on a farm near Williston, Marion County, Florida on February 25, 1881. His father, John E. Williams, and mother, Mary E. Williams, were slaves, but his father received a meager education after his emancipation, and served as a member of the County School Board and Board of County Commissioners during the Reconstruction Period. Additionally, he was the founder of the #AMEChurch in his home county.
Bro. Williams, the youngest of ten , received his primary training in the log school house of his native county. He availed himself of the opportunity to attend the County Normal, and with his natural ability was able to pass the required examination to teach in the public schools and he began teaching at the age of fifteen!!!
At Cookman he exhibited qualities of leadership and intellectual power, and at the age of twenty he graduated as valedictorian of his class. After graduation, he became an agent for an insurance company; then he entered the grocery business followed by joining a newspaper firm.
However, education called him back and in 1903 he entered #MeharryMedicalCollege in #NashvilleTenn. He was president of his class of 115 members. He graduated in 1907, and returned to Florida. He passed his medical boards with the highest mark of any taking the examination at that time.
He served as secretary, vice-president, and president of the #FloridaStateMedicalAssoc and was a life member of the Tristate Medical Association.
was a director in the Metropolitan Bank of #Ocala, and a large stockholder in several real estate companies. He also was very prominent in secret orders, having served a First #GrandMedicalDirector of the #GrandUnitedOrderofOddfellows of the State of Florida, and later a #GrandDirector of the Order. He was a member of the Uniform Rank of the #KnightsofPythias, and surgeon of the First Regiment, with the rank of Major; a member of the Building Fund, and a trustee of the #GrandLodge of the #SonsandDaughtersofJacob.

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