Good evening world or should I say good morning ? At this present hour I figured that I ought to speak on one of our Illustrious founding fathers in these United States! With the #fourthofjuly tomorrow I endeavored to find as much information on the gentleman you see above my commentary.
His name is somewhat familiar if you’re a history buff like myself.
This is J. Emory Burr…. #mostvenerablepatriarch and #PastGrandMaster of the #GrandUnitedOrderofOddfellows in America and Jurisdiction !!!! Born in 1819, he was the son of the famous #abolitionist John Pierre Burr and grandson of the 3rd Vice president of the United States Aaron Burr. (Heavy right?) A young Burr along with his 8 siblings was raised a part of the abolitionist movement and literally lived in a station of the #UndergroundRailroad off Spruce st. in #Philadelphia. Needless to say his family was quite busy in the business of freedom for all! As a boy he and his brothers collected subscription money for #WilliamLloydGarrison’s #Liberator and went on to help form the Pennsylvania Anti-Slavery Society.
He became a barber by trade like his father.
Brother Burr served as #RightVenerablePatriarch of the first Patriarchy in America at the #30th #SubCommitteeofManagement duly named Philadelphia Patriarchy No. 1, August 11th 1872. Two years later, Burr would be elected to the esteemed position of Grand Master. May it also be noted that at this time he was 2nd in command to the founder and father of the Patriarchy. Noted abolitionist Joseph C. Bustill !

Below is the announcement of his funeral arrangements in the local paper circa 1895:

JOHN EMORY BURR, aged 75 years. ‘The relatives and friends of the family, also Equity Lodge, No. 1344 #GUOOF and the Sons of St. Thomas Society, are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, on Saturday, at 1 o’clock, from his late residence, No. 1509 Woodstock street (Twentieth and Dickinson). Services at St. Thomas’s P. E. Church, at 2 o’clock. Interment at Lebanon Cemetery.’ His family is dope ! Please check them out yall!!! So many stories to read that I wouldn’t dare spoil it !

I leave as I came in the bond of

Friendship,love,and,truth !!!