Our Bro. DR. EUGENE BRINSON, of  Americus,Ga,  is a native of Terrell county, Georgia. He was born near Dawson, July 1, 1872. His father was a carpenter by trade, and his mother was her former master’s cook. Brinson was educated in the public schools of Dawson, and enjoyed such opportunities as were afforded by the schools of that time till he was twelve years old. After that his father could not assist him financially, so he found it necessary to work his way to college. He taught one year in Terrell and four years at Church Hill. This helped out materially in his expenses at college. He first went to Howard Normal, at Cuthbert, and later to Central Tennessee College, at Nashville. Having determined to make a doctor of himself, he entered Meharry College, but had only $65 for the first year, so it was necessary for him to take on some extra work. He secured a gig as watchman about the building and grounds, and during his second year was assistant to the Professor of Chemistry, and was the first sophomore to be permitted to take up that work at Meharry. During his 3rd and 4th years at the medical college, he had charge of a drugstore, of which he earned board and room rent. Outside of his school work, he led his class and won the prize on Theory of Medicine, and graduated with honors, being valedictorian and receiving the M. D. degree. On March 26, 1898, he passed the State Board and led in the examination before that body, there being 66 men examined, mainly white. After practicing for four years, he took the examination before the Pharmacy Board in 1902, and while never having taken a course in pharmacy passed the examination. On May 11, 1898, he began the practice in Americus, and followed his profession as a general practitioner.
He was medical examiner for the numerous fraternal lodges in and around Americus, and was Grand Director of the 18th District of  OddFellows. He was Assistant #DistrictGrandMedicalExaminer of the #GrandUnitedOrderofOddfellows Jurisdiction of Georgia, and Director of the Bureau of health. Notably he was also a #Mason and a #Pythian. Our brother is a prime example of what can come from dedication determination and discipline!