Origin of The Improved Order of Patriotic Odd Fellows

District Grand Lodges & District Grand Households

A District shall consist of any State, Territory. Province, or Island having three or more subordinate Lodges or Households, and where such number does not exist, the Lodges or Household therein shall combine with the next nearest State, Territory, Province, or Island and form a District Lodge or District Household; but when three exist in a State, Territory, Province, or Island, they shall, without delay, organize a District Lodge or District Household. We recommend that each subordinate Lodge or Household in the organization of District Lodges or District Household may elect two delegates, and two alternates not exceeding three, who shall be elected at the time of the election of delegates. but after the next general meeting of the Order, they shall regulate their own representation from the subordinate Lodges or Household and judge of their qualifications.

The Improve Order of Patriotic Odd Fellows requires, for the good of the Order, that no delegates should be below the P. N. F. degree or Past Most Noble Governor.

Under the recommendation contained in said substitute and elected shall draw up the constitution and by-laws and present the meeting of the United Committee of Management; and the United Committee of Management, on motion, agreed by a majority vote that the Order should have and create District Lodges or District Household, and that their title should be District instead of State Grand Lodges or Grand Household .