Congratulations 3x for the newly formed lodge in Syracuse, N.Y. ! I am proud to present to you the brethren of #NorthernStarLodge No. 715 ! Yes it can be done my brothers and sisters!  We have done so much in a short time period that I am confident that we can achieve as long as we have the consolidated efforts of the Grand United Order of Oddfellows in our corner !  Special thanks to Bro. and DGM Cannon for his diligence is almost unmatched by any means !

Great things are in our future as we continue to shed some light on this illustrious order ! I will keep bringing you the history and we will keep making history as this next chapter in the book of #Oddfellowship adds a page! My guy Bro. Bey….. you have work to do, but it pleases me to announce you fellows to the world!

Yall give him your heart in hand with welcomes….I’m sure they will have a lodge page on the website soon! The light of #Oddfellowship just got brighter……The brighter our light, the further our reach……The more people see the light, the more will be lead away from the darkness of this world. I leave as I came, proudly, in Friendship Love and Truth! Let the North Star guide you through the turmoil,  to find Friendship Love and Truth! 



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