The New Improved Order of Patriotic Odd Fellows 
Pyramid Order
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Improved Order of the Patriotic Odd Fellows (I.O. of P.O.F.) relaunching the Marching Club with the Pyramid Order. We are now working on the final version of the complete ritual and its general law book. We would like to also thank to all who are assisted in the  development of our the Pyramid Order.
The Pyramid Order is under the The Improved Order of Patriotic Odd Fellows.  It is mainly based on  Egyptian theme. It is also referred as the fun house of the I.O. of P.O.F.
The logo for the group is the following:
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The order is form as following:

Order of Pyramid

The Ritual of the Order of Pyramid represents in its details the peculiarity of a particular system and is therefore not to be regarded as a mere formula, that may be altered or dispensed with at pleasure. On the contrary, every portion of the Ritual has an esoteric meaning, and the whole forms, as it were, a chain, a single link of which cannot be broken without marrying the whole, therefore, in communicating the mysteries, no curtailment can in any case be allowed. The candidate, styled as a NEOPHYTE is entitled to receive all the instruction the Ritual contains, yet there is an exception to this. These three degrees are called Outer Realm,  Middle Passage, and Inner Chamber. These areas are called Neophyte, Vizier, and Adept. These chambers are called Menkaure, Khafre, and Khufu. These degrees, areas, and chambers comprise the groundwork of the Pharaonic Mysteries, with three being considered by them a sacred number.  

These degrees in structure begins at:

  • The Outer Realm for Local Pyramid
  • The Middle Passage for District or State
  • The Inner Chamber for National

The Pyramid Area are called:

  • The Outer Realm (Local Pyramid) called – Neophyte
  • The Middle Passage (District or State) called – Vizier
  • The Inner Chamber (National) called – Adept


The Chamber are called:

  • The Chamber for Outer Realm (Local Pyramid) called – Menkaure
  • The Chamber for Middle Passage (District or State) called – Khafre
  • The Chamber for Inner Chamber (National) called – Khufu


The Motto for the Order of Pyramid under the Marching Club is Prosperity, Happiness, and Loyalty (P.H.L)

PHL  4 Life