From the desk of Bro.E.Page :

Head of Social Services and Warden, Florence lodge #2212 Area II District 13

Greetings and FLT !

I am honored to be mentioned in the same breath of the Grand United Order of Oddfellows…. It is my pleasure as well as my duty to share with you some exemplary individuals,who have been both a part of oddfellows history,as well as major players in our quest for freedom,justice,and equality here in the United States and Jurisdiction……

There are a great many notable figures whom it is my duty to help you become familiar with as we explore the accolates of our collective. I’lI begin in a state most important for our headquarters is there! Let us honor Bro. J.C. Bustill from Philadelphia…

Joseph Cassey Bustill (1822–1895) was an #African #American #conductor in the #UndergroundRailroad, operating primarily in #Philadelphia to aid refugee slaves.He worked as a school teacher. But, like his brother, he supported abolitionism and became active in the Underground Railroad. That career began with him serving as what was called a “shipping agent” to arrange shelter and passage……

A key figure in the local Harrisburg Vigilance Committee, Bustill helped to hide and forward hundreds of fugitives to Canada. Some notables included Otho Taylor, Owen Taylor, Benjamin Taylor, and their families, of Clearspring, Maryland. Bustill often worked closely with the famous William Still.

Bustill returned to Philadelphia in the first half of the 1860s and became a leader of the Pennsylvania Equal Rights League, which helped to end segregation on the city’s public streetcars and to win suffrage for the state’s black men.

He was a dedicated member of the Grand United Order of Oddfellows where he served diligently for fifty years!  Today and forever we honor him as our brother… the bond of flt I leave you to continue your research on our fellow brethren…

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