Bro. Samuel H. Vick

One of the men of mark in North Carolina who has succeeded in more than one field of endeavor is Prof. Samuel Hynes Vick of the thriving little city of Wilson. He was a native of #NashCo having been born at Castalia during the #CivilWar, April 1, 1863.

Just about the close of the war, when emancipation become a fact, the Vicks moved to Wilson, he attended public school at Wilson and when ready for college matriculated at #LincolnUniversity. Fortunately his father was in position to help his son, but he himself worked out a part of his expenses by teaching during the summer vacations.

It was never the policy of Mr. Vick to depend on others for things he could do himself. In the spring of 1884, at the age of 21, he was graduated with the an A. B. from Lincoln. He began his work as a teacher in his home town.

He was a Republican in politics and had for years been active in the councils of the party. He attended the National Conventions which nominated McKinley, Roosevelt and Taft. In 1889 he was appointed postmaster of Wilson under Pres. Harrison’s administration and remained in that position for five years. Such was his record, and such was the service rendered that when “the Republicans came into power under the McKinley administration, he was again made postmaster and held the position for five years.

Prof. Vick has also made an enviable record as a business man. He early saw the advantage of real estate investments and his real estate holdings in Wilson and Wilson Co. exceeded those of any other man in that section of the State. With the development of the moving picture business Prof. Vick recognized the opportunity to provide wholesome amusement for his people and also an opening for business. Accordingly he opened a moving picture show at Wilson which enjoyed a large and growing patronage.

He served as #DGM of the State in the #GrandUnitedOrderofOddFellows and afterwards was #GrandSecretary of the same.
He also held high stature in the #Masons of #NorthCarolina