Bro. Patrick Reason, served as Grand Master of the First Sub Committee of Management of the G. U. O. O. F.  He was also a member of the Committee that recommended the formation of the “Household of Ruth”, the female auxili

ary of the G. U. O. O. F. he is also acknowledged to have been the first person to receive the “Household of Ruth” degree. Masonically, he was a member of Boyer Lodge of what is now the M. W. P. H. ,GL-N.Y.

 He served as its Grand Master from 1861-67. In the Scottish Rite, he was the First Lieutenant Grand Commander of the Supreme Council of the United States. He served as its Sovereign Grand Commander from 1871-79. As to Bro. Charles Reason, he was also a member of Boyer Lodge. When appointed a Professor of Latin at New York Central College in Cortland New York, he became the first African American to be named a full Professor at an all white college. He left there in 1852 and became the Principal of the “Institute for Colored Youth” in Philadelphia. Today that school is Cheney State University.

Research submitted by Bro. Emanuel J. Stanley