Special Call Meeting

Topic: Trial Results of District Grand Masters Shawn O. Cannon

Host: South Carolina District No. 13 of Grand United Order of Odd Fellows

Time 8:00 pm to 9:30 pm

8:00 pm – Open with a prayer

8:10 pm. –  Roll call for Grand Lodge and Board of Directors

8:20 pm – All present except one officer.

8:25 pm – Trail team roll call

8:30 pm  – All present and Brother Shawn Cannon present as well.

8: 50 pm – Meeting Began

9:00 pm – Findings trail was given to be put into the records and read out aloud to the members attending.

Findings are as follow: After reviewing the Grievance and Appeal committee report we stand firm on the decision that Brother Cannon is innocent of all grievances made against him.

Below is the Grievance and Trial Committee report. “Based on the presentation of evidence submitted by Brother Cannon to rebut:” Contradict and Countervailing Proof to Exposed the Falsity” of Grand United Order of Odd Fellows in America and Jurisdiction on why he was expelled. We find that he was not given due process as a member of the Order or by the standards of Robert Rules of Order. As seen by the letter shown below with no trial held, no charges, no evidence of any wrongdoing, also no certified letter sent to him only an email by the Honorable Grand Secretary.

[More clearer view of letter as requested.

April 6, 2022

DGM Shawn Cannon, DGL 13-SC

Greetings Brother Cannon,

A special Call-meeting of the Committee of Management, GUOOF in America and Jurisdiction was held virtually on April 5, 2022.  The purpose of the meeting was to address issues related to your activities in the Order. 

After much deliberation and discussion, a course of action was approved.  Based upon your actions, which were deemed as unbecoming for an Odd Fellow, the Full Board unanimously agreed that you receive a life-time expulsion from all Branches and Operations of the  Order. As a result of your expulsion, you are allowed ten (10) days to remove your name from all legal and financial documents and report the same to the Honorable Grand Secretary’s Office.

We wish the best for you in all of your future endeavors.]

Our finds also how that Brother Cannon also paid the said amount for new lodges as seen by the email receipt he have received from the Honorable Grand Secretary as he stated that the money was not received by the Grand United Order of Odd Fellows in America and Judication.

As we have found this lie of not receiving monies is a common practice as most of you have become aware of the “false” news that people often circulate to make something that is not true appear to be true. It has become a common practice in U.S politics since the 2020 elections and now we are seeing it emerge in our Orders.

We the Grievance and Appeals committee also received all payments and taxes and have also overseen the filing of the District’s  501 C3 while Brother Cannon was out on the authority of the District Grand Lodge and the 501 C3 Board of Directors.

INCONCLUSIVE. Therefore, it is the opinion of the Grievance and Appeal Committee that the ruling of expulsion is unjust as no wrongdoing could be found in our three-month trial confirmed. This was a unanimous vote that Brother Shawn Cannon be restored to his position and removed from suspension and given all rights.

9: 20 pm – Vote was taken to accept report from the Grievance and Appeal Committee.

9:30 pm – Vote was taken and unanimously approve to restore Brother Cannon to all his titles as District Grand Master of South Carolina District No. 13 of Grand United Order of Odd Fellows in America which is now part of Improved Order of Patriotic Odd Fellow.

9:40 pm – District Grand Lodge also to return all items that the District Grand Lodge took procession of while District Grand Master Cannon was out on suspension which included the website we have been running since May 2022. We also put in a request that we continue to assist in the running of the site to allow him to do other task need.

9:50 pm. – District Grand Master agreed and thank the board for the work they did on the website while he was out.

Closing remarks by the District Grand Lodge we thank you Brother Cannon for agreeing to work with us and allowing us to do our job as we only want to do what is best for the Order that we all Love. We also apologize to you for not informing others we had control of the website as you took the heat for us for what we were posting in August. We love you, in Friendship, Love, and Truth.

Closed with a prayer.