District Grand Lodge No.13


South Carolina Grand United Order of Odd Fellows in America

  State of the Nation: Our Lives Matter…

There comes a time when OUR voices must be heard, not only heard, but recognized along with boots on the ground! It is with great sadness that we must admit to ourselves that the more things change, the more they stay the same. To the families of Ahmad Arbury, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd, and Walter Scott, and countless others who lost their lives to injustice. On behalf of District Grand Lodge No. 13 of South Carolina Grand United Order of Odd Fellows in America, we extend our deepest sympathies. To the families of those snatched from this world at the hands of injustice and hatred, WE stand with you now and forever. Our Lives Matter!

I Shawn O. Cannon, District Grand Master and the members of District No. 13 greet you in the eternal bond of Friendship, Love and Truth. This is our universal greeting given by our membership for hundreds of years and the three principles that we hold most dear. When we look at the news we are met with a constant barrage of young black men and women being murdered by the exact individuals sworn to protect us. Whilst we are saddened by these latest developments. As Oddfellows we are reminded of our own oaths, and because of those oaths, we are here to declare our sincere commitment to spreading Friendship, Love and Truth for the world to see. The Oddfellows have always been a staple of the community and we are confident in our ability to provide a positive example for our community as our predecessors did. Our Lives Matter!

Since District Grand Lodge No. 13 humble beginnings in 1843 we have fought countless battles against injustice. Our Illustrious founder Peter Ogden set the tone for the brethren to show the world our power through fellowship. From our rank and file, we summon the spirit of Patrick Reason who was a very influential abolitionist. He was the first man of color to apply to become an Oddfellow in the United States. During a time when slavery was alive and well, while his people were considered chattel, Bro. Reason was a front line soldier in Oddfellows in the war for equality. We also look to the examples of our brethren here in the Palmetto State, like our brother, the Honorable Ernest A. Finney. Bro. Finney defended more than 6,000 black students that took part in local sit-ins, freedom rides, and demonstrations. We reflect on the legacy of Brother J. Phillip Rembert, who took to the skies as a Tuskegee airman and one of the first black fighter pilots in American history, during World War II. For too long we have been on the front lines defending people’s rights for equality, even when we ourselves did not have it. Our Lives Matter!

Our history has not only been a source of inspiration for us, but more of a blueprint for how we can and will carry out the Order’s tenets, to the benefit of our extended families and friends enduring these trying times in the cause of justice. An injustice anywhere, is an injustice everywhere! We the Oddfellows of District No. 13 are in this fight for the long haul, we will continue moving forward with heart in hand, armed physically and mentally with Friendship, Love and Truth……..Our Lives Matter!

In closing, I and the members District No. 13 pledge that we will continue to fight all forms of injustice though the eternal bond of Friendship, Love and Truth. We shall also work with others in launching our People, Against, Tyranny, Racism, Oppression, and Lowliness (P.A.T.R.O.L) program. This program is District No. 13 community outreach initiative to fight against poverty, racial injustice, and assist our community in civic reform. To join with us in this fight with our P.A.T.R.O.L program or just join a lodge in District No. 13 South Carolina Grand United Order of Odd Fellows please contact us at www.guoof.org. Our Lives Matter!

Sincerely in Friendship, Love and Truth

Past Grand Master Shawn O. Cannon, District Grand Master, District Grand No. 13 of South Carolina Grand United Order of Odd Fellows in America

Brother Emanuel Supreme Page Jr., District No. 13 Grand Historian

Past Grand Master Kevin Williams, District No. 13 Deputy District Grand Master

Past Grand Master Benjamin Jr., District No. 13 Grand Director

Sub-District Grand Master Willie Harris, District No. 13 Grand Director of Sub-Districts

Brother Charles E Brown, District No. 13 District Secretary

Brother Emanuel Page r., District No. 13 Trustee

Brother Kenneth Munn, District No. 13 Education Director

Brother Mark McGraw, District No. 13 Marching Club Director

Brother Tim D. Reed, Wayman Lodge 1339 Elective Secretary

Brother Terrance Hayes, Wayman Lodge 1339 Permanent Secretary

Brother Andre Nash, Florence Lodge 2212 Past Noble Father

Brother Tracy Littlejohn, Florence Lodge 2212 Right Support

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