The Grand United Order of Odd Fellows of North Carolina and South Carolina helped revive The Knights of Pythias back to South Carolina. The Odd Fellows And Knights of Pythias were brought back to South Carolina with aid of young men who knew of the historical significance these older fraternal orders. There were two members of both orders who were on the first in each to being brought into each order.  They are Brother Rev. Dr. Ralph Singleton and Brother Kevin N. Brown. Brother Singleton and Brother Kevin N. Brown were initiated in Knights of Pythias in October 2015, and also were initiated in the Grand United Order of Odd Fellows in Florence, SC, by members of Riley Hill Lodge No.7224 and their Grand Lodge, Noble Grand Melvin Holden, P.S. Greg Holden and others. There were 11 candidates brought into The Grand United Order of Odd Fellows at United Masonic Lodge in Florence, SC, located on Lucas and Stackley Street. The Grand Chancellor of South Carolina is Brother Kevin N. Brown who is a member of Riley Hill Lodge No.7224. Brother Ralph Singleton serves as The Grand Keeper of Records and Seals of South Carolina Grand Lodge and Brother Bruce Benjamin serves as Grand Master of Works in The Grand Lodge of The Knights of Pythias in South Carolina. “I am proud to be a part of a dream  to bring back these two older fraternal orders back to South Carolina,” said Brother Kevin Brown who was originator who proposed to the Orders back to South Carolina.