I can remember an Undergrad Psychology professor once told my wife “to study art is to study history! “. Makes sense that some of the most precious gems of American History are pieces of artwork. Signs and symbols tell a story when words cease to convey the message. Looking back at old degree charts of an almost forgotten craft, I can only imagine the mindset of the brethren that came before us and the tumultuous times they not only survived but thrived in.  From 1843 to the Present the Order hasn’t changed much, but the time has come for the future generations of Oddfellows to stand!  I say that to say this : I would like to introduce to the world an Oddfellow who’s exemplary fortitude will be mentioned amongst the great many notable figures the Order has produced…..Bro. Jarrett “Lefty Unz” Jenkins of Columbia, SC

Bro.  Jenkins was born October 13th 197_…Not putting his business out there ha !  He joined Florence lodge 2212 in February of this year and has become a fine example of what an Oddfellow should strive to be.  He’s a proud father, a loving husband and one of the coolest cats this side of the Atlantic Ocean!  He’s an accomplished Emcee, as well as a visual artist with pieces he’s contributed to all over the southeast.  Just recently he was given the opportunity to speak at a career day for his son’s school, Bridgecreek Elementary.

Not only was he invited here but our brother was also invited to do an art symposium at his Alma Mater Richland Northeast High School ….





The Grand United Order of Oddfellows touts many remarkable men and women who provided unmeasurable amounts of service to their respective communities.

As the new breeds we intend, with heart in hand, to continue a proud legacy of charity , brotherhood, and benevolence for future generations to benefit from! Bro. Jenkins is just one of many, and soon we will again be a household name.  

In the bond of Friendship Love and Truth I leave as I came……

Bro.Page : Florence lodge 2212/Wayman Association 1339, District 13 Area II

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