I must beg forgiveness of the world for not posting about our Illustrious brother Dr. James McCune Smith sooner !
Dr. McCune Smith was considered one of the most broadly accomplished black intellectuals and activists in America. Born in New York on April 18, 1813, McCune attended the #FreeAfricanSchool in #NYC with a number of our founding members !
Upon graduation from the African School, James McCune Smith sought, but was denied admission to quite a few #American colleges. Not to be discouraged, He then managed to raise money to attend the #UniversityofGlasgow in #Scotland, where, after completing #bachelor’s and #masters’ degrees, he completed a #medicaldegree in 1837. Thus he became, as far as I can see , the first #GUOOF Brother to be awarded a degree in #medicine in this Jurisdiction !!!! After completing a medical internship in Paris, France, he returned to New York City, where he opened a medical office and a pharmacy at 93 West Broadway that attracted interracial clientele. Here he served both white and black patients in the front of the pharmacy. In the back, he met with fellow activists and conspired to end slavery in the South, to win the vote for blacks in New York, and to educate black youth.
Together with #abolitionists such as #FrederickDouglass, #GerritSmith, and #JohnBrown, he helped found the #RadicalAbolitionistParty. His pharmacy was a place where many escaping slaves found help.
Throughout his own career, along with his classmates, Bro. Smith helped bear much fruit from the #oddfellows tree. He was a member of #Hamiltonlodge 710, One of the earliest dispensations of the Order in the United States! Smith also served nationally as #GrandSecretary……
Smith wrote about medicine, science, education, racism, and literature….He quickly emerged as a powerful #antislavery and #antiracism organizer, orator, and author.
Smith’s untimely death came in November of 1865. He was still working tirelessly for his people, felled at the age of 52. This was five months after the end of the Civil War….. I am proud to be counted as a brother to this fellow
If you would like to know more about this brother just a simple Google search for his name will suffice…..


In Friendship Love and Truth


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