Hello Brothers and Sisters,

As we are all aware, the COVID 19 pandemic has begun a second global surge.  Even though vaccines are becoming available, it will be several months before it becomes available to a significant portion of the population.  Therefore, the remedies that have been recommended- wearing masks in public and practicing social distancing and frequent hand-washing- are the best things to do for protection against the virus.

After carefully considering all of the information, MHGM Green has decided to cancel the January 2021 Full Board Session.  I think that we can all understand that this decision is the best possible one for the Order since many of our members are included in that portion of the population that is most severely affected by COVID.

Please pray for all those individuals who have become victims of this virus throughout our Jurisdiction and globally and pray that we will soon be able to gather again in Friendship, Love, Truth, Peace, Happiness and Prosperity.



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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Thanks to the GUOOF, I think this is a wise decision that will protect the Odd Fellow family. Bro. Paige, I think knowing what we know now it would be wise to cancel our next Area IV meeting scheduled to convene the third weekend in March of 2021. I am hoping for progress to continue in defeating the pandemic. Therefore, I as Area IV Director, after talking with Codirector Farve, we request that you add the March 2021 Area IV meeting cancellation to your email as an update. Thanks and be safe always!

  2. Barry Black
    Barry Black says:

    Please forgive me for this outreach. I know this is not the right forum but I am trying to gain membership. I have filled out the application and was very much interested in eventually starting a lodge in Greensboro NC. Forgive me if one exists but I did not see it during my research. If this is possible please let me know.
    Thank. You all.

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