One of South Carolina’s own !!! Been a while since I continued my search for notables from the Palmetto State, but this one is from the Soda City!!!

John Benjamin Lewie of Columbia, SC is a prominent, successful man of affairs. He is a versatile man, having struggled up from a humble place in life to one of large usefulness and influence among his people. At a time when it was harder to secure an education than it is now, he worked his own way through college, steadily refusing to be discouraged by the difficulties by which he was confronted. He was born in Lexington county, August 10, 1873, and is a son of Benjamin W. Lewie, a farmer.
Mr. Lewie’s mother was before her marriage Miss Rhoda May Counts.
As a boy young Lewie attended the rural schools but was ambitious for a better education than they could provide. Accordingly he entered Allen University in Columbia, S.C. , and completed his courses in 1895. Four years later the same institution conferred on him the B. S. degree. Mr. Lewie was an enterprising youth and worked his own way through college. He learned the Barber trade and found that helpful as a means to an end. Then he took up the laboratory end of dental work and found that helpful also. Inquisitive as Lewie was he eventually took the civil service examination and entered the postal service where he made good his living. He remained on that job for twenty years. Though not active in politics, he was a Republican and a member of the A. M. E. church. It is perhaps on account of his work in connection with the Grand Lodge of the S. C. Knights of Pythias, that he is most widely known. He is Grand Keeper of Records and Seal in that Order, a position which he held for six years. He is also prominent in the work of the Grand United Order of Oddfellows #GUOOF, where he was Permanent Secretary of #RichardAllenLodge No. 1876, and #HouseholdofRuth no.1832 . He was a loyal member of the #Prince Hall Masons where he served as #Secretary n #PastMaster for #CapitalCitylodge47, and also a brother in the #GoodSamaritans . We are truly inspired to re-discover the many countless members of our “Mysterious Three” that rose to prominence against the perils of life in the south….


In the bond of Friendship Love and Truth

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