Our brethren who came before us never cease to amaze me ! The picture above is one exceptional brother even today! Dr. Peyton Fortine Anderson was born Nov. 5th 1890, King William County , W.Va.

He attended grade school in Connecticut and matriculated to New York Medical College and Flower Hospital. He continued his post graduate studies at the University of Vienna in Austria. This was in 1913 ! Could you even imagine pursuing a medical degree at a time when you couldn’t even walk on the same sidewalk as a white person? The amount of fortitude he possessed all but thrust him into his profession head first! During a time when there weren’t many black doctors, he saw the greater impact of not having medical professionals who looked like him…He was first licensed by examination upon his return to Connecticut. Soon after he was licensed by examination in New York. In 1915 he was a licensed physician in Waterbury, Connecticut.

By 1921, our brother had created quite a buzz for himself and took up the fight against Tuberculosis. He was chairman of the Harlem Tuberculosis Institute, the Committee on Special Problems Medical Society, and a member of the Cosmopolitan Medical Club. He was highly favored and often sought after to speak,being a champion for the health of his people. He spoke at the behest of the Bureau of Health Education for the Dept. of Health NYC. He went further being a member of the Executive Committee for the Urban League, as well as speaker for the medical Committee of the Harlem Health Center. He was an adjunct visiting Physician at #HarlemHospital and the Manhattan Medical Society where he championed for more studies into the effects of Tuberculosis on African Americans.

Brother Anderson was a fraternity man, well known friend of W.E.B. Dubois and member of #AlphaPhiAlpha whereas he held many prominent positions of authority.
He was a #Mason, a member of the #KnightsofPythias and of course, a proud member of the #GrandUnitedOrderofOddFellows

Let us honor him thrice in the bond of #Friendshiploveandtruth