Our Brother E.O. Trent was born in Columbus Ohio  in 1859. Fortunately enough for him he was able to receive a decent education and from the tender age of 6 til age 23 he was an astute student. He attended German High school in Columbus and entered Ohio State University . He graduated in 1882 and left Ohio to Missouri in search of the best way he could use his education to further his people. A teaching assignment was bestowed upon him so there he taught for a year. Not long after that he was offered a post in Fort Smith Arkansas. Not satisfied with only working in a school, Bro. Trent was instrumental in starting a state teacher’s association for the black teachers in Arkansas. By doing this, he raised the teaching standards, and quality of education the teachers would deliver to the black children statewide.

Bro. Trent was an active member of the church as well, serving as Superintendent of Sunday school, clerk, and even Deacon of Missionary Baptist Church.
Bro. Trent proudly served the Grand United Order of Oddfellows  in the capacity of Secretary of the Oddfellows Benefit Association. He was also a member of the Household of Ruth . He was a member of the Knights of Pythias , a brother of the Royal arch Masons  , and a member of the MosaicTemplars . Through his work in the schools, churches, and fraternal organizations, he has been successful in touching and uplifting the men, women and children he has had the pleasure of interacting with.
Though money wasn’t important to Trent he amassed substantial wealth and prosperity with over 30 rental properties as well as a truck farm…..I have no idea what a truck farm is exactly…..but yeah, he was “well off” for his time!

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