Eureka Moment!!!!

From the roster of the first #GrandUnitedOrderofOddfellows lodge established in the state of #SouthCarolina , #Fraternallodge1064 , I am fortunate to share with you the name of a brother whom after some digging, was quite important!!!! From the #PostandCourier in #Charleston

Henry Benjamin Noisette was born in Charleston in 1841 and died here in 1911. A young slave with carpenter skills, he managed to flee to Boston and freedom.
Shortly afterward, he served alongside 80 other sailors aboard the USS Huron, a lightly armed wooden ship that intercepted blockade runners and often tested Confederate defenses along the Lowcountry’s rivers.

Joseph McGill, a re-enactor with the 54th Massachusetts Infantry and an alliance member, said many African-Americans who fought for the Union had not been free for long, so they were less educated and not as able to record their stories.
“We’re going to move their status from footnote status to paragraph status to chapter status to book status to movie status,” McGill said. “We’re going to make sure that their story is forever told.”
Alliance member Russell Horres, a National Park Service volunteer, gave an overview of what Noisette’s service aboard the Huron would have been like.

The Huron was one of 23 “90-day wonders,” hastily built, lightly armed ships the Union employed to stop Confederate blockade runners from trading Southern cotton for European war materials. The Huron captured a few such runners and ran dangerous missions on the Stono and Ogeechee rivers.
The ship’s luck ran out in the fall of 1862, when 20 crew members succumbed to yellow fever in the North Edisto River. The Huron limped north to Boston so it could be “frosted,” or sanitized.
“Henry was not only a veteran. He was a hero,” Horres said. “He was part of giving us the liberties we enjoy today.”

Born a slave, returned a soldier, fought in the civil war, and became one of South Carolina’s first #oddfellows……WOW !

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