🔗Bro. Rev . Thomas John Williams🔗

Rev T.J. Williams of Camden, SC, was one of those steady hardworking faithful men who build into the life of a community and become its best asset. Bro Williams was born in Kershaw county, Jan 22,1860 . His father was Wilson Williams, a blacksmith, a trade which as a boy, he learned as well. His mother was Maria Boykin, who was a daughter of John Boykin. Both grand fathers were devout members of the local Baptist church.
After the civil war young Williams attended the public schools of the time, but conditions were such that he did not secure a college education.

He did not allow this however, to stand in the way of his usefulness or success. He continued his education by pursuing a Correspondence Course with the Chautaqua Scientific Literary Circle. When about eighteen years of age he was converted and joined the Mt. Moriah Baptist church. Two or three years later he felt called to preach the gospel and was licensed and ordained by his home church in 1884 . His first pastorate was the Rock Hill church which he had served continuously for 35+ yrs. Only seven of the 350 members who were there when he went stayed. He then served the White Oak church , in #Fairfieldcounty for 26yrs . Sutton Branch , in Kershaw county, 30 years . In 1911, he accepted the pastorate of the Hyco church, with a mem bership of fifty , which his seed had grown to 175. New houses of worship had been erected at each place he preached and the membership greatly strengthened. He has baptized at least a thousand converts into his churches . He was also a Trustee of Morris College. He was not only a good pastor but he was also a successful business man . He ran the family blacksmith shop in Camden and at the same time carried on a horse farm. He has run a shop of his own for forty years. Among the fraternal orders he is a member of the #KoP.
In Oddfellowship he belonged to Camden Enterprise lodge #3144 Grand United Order of Oddfellows; District Grand lodge #13
He believed that the best interests of his race were to be promoted by giving it’s people an equal opportunity at full citizenship status, education, and the equal protection under the law.
We salute him thrice!!!