Looking back at 175 years of excellence, then looking forward…

I greet you all quite early this morning in the bond of Friendship Love and Truth! -Many historians note the #GrandUnitedOrderofOddFellows as one of the most significant black mutual aid societies even at its beginning stages in the 1840’s. By the 1880’s, the Grand United Order of Odd Fellows underwent a remarkable expansion period and […]

South Carolina District 13 is on the Move!

District 13’s #threewisemen were at it again, traveling to #Virginia this time to visit with the #PastGrandmastersCouncil ! The brothers went to learn and attain their wisdom as we move forward in our goal to become the Hub District for the #GrandUnitedOrderofOddFellows in #America and Jurisdiction and then the #World!   Through positive examples of […]

More Pics from the 2018 Officers Installation

In the bond of Friendship Love and Truth the Brethren of the Mighty District 13 greet you all !!!! Provided below are more pictures for your viewing pleasure from this year’s Grand Officers Installation for the Grand United Order of Oddfellows in America and Jurisdiction. …   We are blessed to come amongst a group […]

Officers Installation 2018 in Philadelphia

I greet you in the bond of Friendship Love and Truth!  Salutations are in order for Our brethren who traveled this past weekend, to Philly to be duly Installed in their seats on the District Grand Lodge.  It was a wondrous occasion as Oddfellows and Ruthites from across our jurisdiction were again blessed with the […]

Spartanburg’s Finest

This is Brother John Woodward #GUOOF… From his accolades you wouldn’t have thought for a minute that this man had never in his life had a day of formal education. If you know anything about Spartanburg,SC history…..you’ll surely recognize his name as one of the wealthiest and most prominent African American businessmen in all of […]

 Bro. George W. Jackson First Principal of the Negro School

 George W.Jackson was born in 1854 in #Alabama. Jackson moved to Corsicana,Tx in the 1800s to teach at one of the first schools for #AfricanAmerican children in North Texas. The local history of schools for black students stretches back to the 1870s, and G.W. Jackson was the first principal of what was first called the […]

South Carolina Hosts it’s first District Grand Lodge Session!!!!

I am pleased to announce the commencement of South Carolina’s first District Session since re-enactment!  While there are still many things that must be addressed we are moving forward as a collective with the blessings of our Honorable Grandmaster and the Committee of Management Our mighty team of 2018 Executive Officers are as follows : […]

South Carolina’s Bermuda Connection

Brother Joseph H. Rainey was born on June 21, 1832 in Georgetown, South Carolina, a seaside town consisting mainly of rice plantations. His mother  Grace Rainey was of French descent. His father,Edward Rainey was a barber, and his master permitted him to work independently if he shared some of his profits, as required by law. […]

Link to actual GUOOF parade circa 1929

http://brbl-archive.library.yale.edu/exhibitions/celluloidwest/SolomonSirJones/Film_17/Chapter_3 Click the link above for a very rare look at an oddfellows parade!

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