Mississippi Stand Up!!!
Grand Director and Mississippi District Grand Master Edward P. Jones :
Brother, Rev. Edward P. Jones, of Vicksburg, Mississippi
He was born Feb 21, 1872, in Hinds County, Mississippi. His father, Rev. George P. Jones, was an elder of the Missionary Baptist Church and for many years was himself a successful pastor and church builder.
The young man attended the Vicksburg public schools and #NatchezCollege, Natchez, Miss. He was #valedictorian of his class in school at Vicksburg and at Natchez. After leaving school, he served several terms as an educator in Mississippi’s schools.
In 1894, he was ordained to the ministry in the Baptist denomination.  During his pastorate at Vicksburg he had built a modern up-to-date church, at a cost of $6,000. He has been very successful in the church’s work and frequently had been honored with positions of great responsibility and trust by the denomination. He officiated over the Baptist Church that boasted a membership of 2,000 at it’s peak.

He served this illustrious Order as District Grand Master of Mississippi. He had been DGM of the Odd Fellows 6x since 1901, and has served the Order as a Fraternal Delegate to Europe.
The organization grew very rapidly and at a time when #GUOOF was the leader among the fraternal organizations of black people in America.
He was Supreme Master of the United Reformers of America, Europe, Asia, and Africa, having been elected for five successive terms. This was a fraternal mutual aid society.
Dr. Jones believed that whatever successes he had attained was due very largely to the “devotion and wholesome advice of his wife.”
He was one of the leading orators of his people, and not only in religious affairs, but in material things too. He had achieved eminent success in life. His properties in Mississippi alone were worth about $40,000 in that time. A testament to faith and service.  Hail him thrice!
By Bro. Supreme Page Jr.