I can say it’s a great time to be an #Oddfellow ! Here you witness greatness as DGM Shawn Cannon received our long overdue district charter as well as our charter for #Sumterlodge2173 this past weekend at the Area II Meeting . Now if everyone comes together in this collective we can make something happen….No time for celebration now fellows, we aren’t at the finish line yet ! the race has just begun brethren! I want ever individual reading this to do a brutally honest assessment of yourself when it comes to the membership…….Ask yourself when is the last time you reached out to your brothers and sisters ? Ask yourself when is the last time you spoke proudly with nonmembers about the Order which you swore to uphold? Ask when is the last time you contributed time,money, or anything to the order? Let’s not only uplift each other but also hold eachother accountable for our part in uplifting the Order ! If we all do a little, no one carries the burden of keeping this illustrious thing of ours alive !!!! I leave as I came in the bond of #Friendship #love and #truth
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