As promised I thought it would be a good idea to post some pictures from the District shindig hosted by the brethren of Wayman lodge #1339, in celebration of 176 years of Friendship Love and Truth!

Brothers from Florence lodge,  Darlington Central, as well as Emmanuel lodge were in attendance to help us commemorate this moment in time!  The bonds were strengthened while our bellies were filled. A worthy candidate by the name of Robert who is an entrepreneur farmer and chef blessed us with some amazing food as well as a bounty of fruits and vegetables he cultivated to the delight of all present.  Remarks were given by NG brother Page, DGM Cannon, and DGD brother Bruce Benjamin.

Some artifacts were on display courtesy of PNF Bro.Page Sr who sent items he got from the Order in England as well as gifts from Bro. Humphrey and the IOOF from the Pelzer Canton. Also on display was a 100 year old copy of the #OddfellowsJournal and a special notice sent to the subordinate lodges of District 13 in 1924 concerning our fight to overcome the forces that had all but decimated our existence in the Palmetto State!

Everybody had a good time,  and finally,  we got to get to the most important aspect of our Order, fellowship with eachother!  I find that far too often we forget the purpose of our collective is to bond with eachother and build upon our memories fond recollection of the last time we were together……….

My only concern/regret is that everyone wasn’t able to attend!  Next year will be bigger and better though, that I can assure you of, and I hope that you, the reader will be there to witness it….


Til then I leave as I came in the bond of Friendship Love and Truth!

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